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Canine by Design offers premium in-home boarding services to any current or previous client that has sent their dog to us for training! Avoid the risks to your pet’s health by forgoing the high capacity dog boarding facilities. With our boarding program you can rest assured that your dog is comfortable in a familiar home environment with knowledgeable, attentive trainers and never left alone overnight. Your dog will be exercised, cared for, and have its communication skills polished up while boarding with us to ensure a happy and stress free experience while you are away.

This is an ideal option for clients who are going on vacation, hosting family and friends, or are otherwise too busy or unable to attend to their pet’s daily needs and could benefit from knowing your pet is happy and being cared for in a familiar environment!

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I had my 6 month old Bernedoodle join their 3 week board and train program. My dog before was a struggle to walk on a leash. He would never stay or come despite the little training I did with him. He was nervous around new people in our home and bikes and other random things. Its been about 3 months since he has been home. He is so much more confident and obedient. He stays, sits, comes, runs next to a bike, walks on a leash, and is potty trained. It was expensive training but it has been worth it to have such a great dog. The trick is the owner needs to stay consistent with training to keep up the good behaviors.
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